Introducing Portabee GO, a mobile and affordable 3D printer

FROM $595

Easy to use


Plug & Play

Auto Calibrating

50 micron precision

Folds neatly for transport


The laptop of 3D printers.




Prints around 30% of its own parts.
Build your own 3D printer from scratch.



Gotta say buying a portabee printer has been one of the coolest projects I have worked on in a while. Whenever someone comes over I ask them what they want me to print. And they are always in shock when I hand them a finished product. Thanks again.

Yaron Alfi

Engineer – SpaceX

My portabee 3d printer is awesome and when I need to make it more awesome, I can upgrade it, using itself. Which is fun both physically and metaphysically.


3D Printer Guru


Portabee Go 3D Printer from Romscraj - Unboxing

Portabee Go 3D printer by Romscraj - Just awesome

Portabee Go 3D printer by Romscraj - Just awesome

PORTABEE GO Mobile 3D Printer

Portabee GO Auto Calibration


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Tape Dispenser

Galaxy Nexus Dock

Portabee Assembly

Dual Servo Robot Chassis - Assembly

Galaxy Nexus Dock


Dual Servo Robot Chassis

Dual Servo Robot Chassis - Printing

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