Portabee Kit



Portabee 3D Printer Kit is a fully featured 3D printer that fits into a laptop bag and produces real world 3D objects out of plastic that smells like waffles.

The frame simply clips on and off for transportation. The machine relies on a laptop power supply, some filament material (plastic to be printed) and a laptop computer to function.

Lightweight, weighing in at 2.8kg (6.2lbs) you can bring your machine along with you when taking a bus, a train… even on a bicycle in a haversack on your back!The Portabee Kit opens up numerous possibilities which were previously impractical:

Designers and design engineers can now offer to print out a sample of their design solution at the client’s premises, on the spot and with applied design changes, for quick evaluation.

Educators can loan the 3D printer to students for a time period to complete a school assignment involving 3D printing, be it an arts, design, or engineering discipline.

An artist can walk into her favorite cafe, suddenly get in a creative mood, whip out the Portabee and a laptop and start designing something and print it out, all while sipping her usual cuppa and enjoying some cheesecake.

Purchase includes:

* Portabee 3D Printer Kit, with superb colour illustrated step-by-step assembly guides in PDF
* Tools and tape required for assembly and use

Portabee 3D Printer Kit


We ship worldwide, and our Portabee kits are remarked as being one of the easiest and most complete 3D printer kits on the market.

Portabee Specifications

  • 120x120x120mm build volume
  • High precision GT2 belts and machined pulleys
  • Full linear bearings on all axes
  • All stainless steel hardware where applicable, hardened steel linear rods (smooth rods)
  • Single board solution Gen6.d electronics
  • Uses tried and tested 0.3mm diameter filament, commonly PLA and ABS plastic
  • 0.5mm precision machined nozzle


Portabee Assembly

(Extruder electronics come pre-assembled, no soldering required)


Please note there is a lead time of 1 week while the parts for your machine are printed (by other portabee 3D printers).