Portabee in the Wild

We have had a submission from a customer giving a detailed run down of their portabee experience. Since it was overly positive, we have decided to share it =P

The result is a fancy cup, and also a spaceship printed at 200 mm/s, we like it.

Day 1

Box arrived!


The parts are already 3D printed, and they look awesome =)


~ Remainder of day 1 spent assembling bits, and losing and finding the provided allen key over and over.


Day 2

The bits have transformed into a machine!

Portabee 3D Printer is Assembled



Let us print.


Portabee Is Printing A Cup, Its A FactPortabee Printing A Cup, Check it Out


A cup appears!

Everyone is celebrating, there are cheers all around.

The Cup appears

The Cup appears


Oh, the Cup is so nice


Day 3

So, now the proud owner of infinite cups, I thought to look for a way to quieten the machine, since I live in a small apartment with many friendly neighbours.


Lets get high tech.


An old suitcase filled with clothing was available, I simply made a space in the center of the clothing, inserted the printer, and went to town with kapton tape.


High Tech 3D Printer Silencer

High Tech 3D Printer Silencer


In summation, I am opening a new cup store from my apartment.


Shiny fancy machine, you are all mine

Shiny fancy machine, you are all mine


Always a limit pusher, I like to push the limits, therefore I got to work printing a spaceship at 200 mm/s


Here is some Video:



I am printing here on a piece of glass, over the hotbed, and using a small amount of pva glue with water to just make sure everything sticks down really solid. More solid equals better!


The ship is spaceship one, and I’m unsure if the version here, printed out of PLA plastic, is space-worthy. However, it is un-arguably too cool for school.


Portabee has 3D Printed a Spaceship

3D Spaceship set for Blastoff!

Ready for brastoff.



Ok, thanks for watching, over and out.