Portabee is GO in 2014
February 18, 2014 

2014 is shaping up to be an action packed year for Portabee as 3D printing continues to push forward in […]

Release Version Portabee GO
January 23, 2014 

After a hectic few months at Portabee, we are extremely pleased to be shipping the first batches of Portabee GO […]

A 3D Printed Speech
November 23, 2013 

So this is pretty cool, Giles Azzaro has 3D printed 39 seconds of Barack Obama’s State Of The Union address. […]

Mega Cool 3D Printed Art
November 22, 2013 

Maurizio Mambrin has recently contacted us to showcase some amazing art fabricated on a 3D printer. Take a look at […]

3D Printed Model of a Neuron
November 16, 2013 

Brain science is fascinating, check out this 3D printed replica of a neuron .. Now, if we could print 100 […]

Portabee Upgrades
August 17, 2013 

We have been having a fantastic time watching our trusty machine evolve right before our eyes as Portabee users get […]

Portabee Firmware Guide
July 19, 2013 

Just found a great tutorial on the Portabee firmware process by Modlr. Check it out here: Firmware Part 1 Firmware […]