Portabee designs and manufactures personal 3D printers. The company was founded in 2011 with the goal of bringing personal 3D manufacturing to the people.

Why 3D Printing Matters

We envision a future where we are not simply passive consumers of mass produced goods, but active participants in the design and manufacture of our own custom and complex products.

Personal 3D manufacturing presents all kinds of new and extremely interesting possibilities. The impact of this style of production ranges from purely geometric to societal. These devices will have a significant impact on our lives in the very near term.

We work hard each day to produce innovative 3D printers that pave the way into an exciting future.



Wee Kiam Peng

Company Lead

KP is the coffee boy who likes to spend his time thinking of the next cool feature while making sure portabee are not mistreated in production.

Goals: Completely automate the coffee maker.


Lin Chee Hoe

Business Relations

Lin is an electrical engineer who spent most of his career dealing with 3D electromagnetic field, until he came across 3D printing.

Goals: Keep happiness while growing the company.


Daniel Warner

Chief Evangelist

Daniel is an ex cirque du soleil acrobat who has been caught up irrevocably in 3D printing. He still enjoys training as an acrobat in his off time.

Goals: Daniel hopes one day to take 3D printing to Mars.


Esther Wu Wen-Hsin


Esther has the lowest decibel level when communicating yet is the only one of us who has done a bungee jump. Portabee could not get produced without her persistent reminders.

Goals: Ensure our customers get the best deal in town.


Bao Keat Tham


Baokeat cameos in some of our marketing videos. She has a black belt in manufacturing and ensures all Portabee are manufactured in a black belt environment.

Goals: To manufacture Portabee at lightning speed, while maintaining her composure.


Hu Chia-Nan


Chianan is a supermum who takes care of every piece of portabee inventory like they are her own. No one knows where they are kept except her.

Goals: To stop people piling stuff just ontop of everything.