3D Printing Some Awesome Lattice Structures

After the previous experiment with the Goldberg Polyhedra, the idea of 3d printing complex lattice structures has stuck with me.

My latest searchings on Thingiverse produced the following:

Graphite 3D Printed Lattice
Graphite Lattice

3D Printed Diamond Lattice
Diamond Lattice

Carbon Nanotube 3D Model Thingiverse
Carbon Nanotube

Carbon Nanotube 3D Model No Atoms Thingiverse
Carbon Nanotube (sans atoms)

These nanotubes have spectacular strength on the micro scale, perhaps they may have some interesting properties on the macro scale also.

Either way, the end result will look awesome, its guaranteed.

Let’s get to it:

Graphite Lattice

Graphite Structure 3D Printed

Graphite Structure 3D Printed


The Graphite structure printed extremely well at 250mm/s

Super strong, the hexagonal lattice connected by two rings at each end provides a sturdy object, that looks like a gasket from an engine or something like that.

Nanotube Structure

Nanotube structure 3D Printed

Nanotube structure 3D Printed

Nanotube structure 3D Printed


The nanotube structure from thingiverse is very delicate, the widths of the connections between the atoms are very small, and the printer has to create a large tall tower of small dots, which is very difficult.

Very interesting to note however, is that the overhangs are actually very large, and the printer was relying on ‘shooting’ the filament across the gap, failing a number of times, and then making a bond and the hexagonal shape becomes intact and strong. Got me thinking about error detection algorithms from my Comp Sci Undergrad days.

Ok, looking forward to 3d printing some more nanotube structures, and experimenting with those connection widths.

Over and out.